AL La Rocca's Submarine Page

Photo: USS Spadefish

USS Spadefish

Al La Rocca had a distinguished and interesting history with submarines, starting with his meritorious service on the Spadefish in World War II. The USS Spadefish SS 411 was the only U.S. submarine launched in 1944 to become one of the war's Top 10 scoring boats.

Spadefish was also the first submarine into the war zone with FM sonar installed and was part of the famous Hellcats wolf pack which invaded the Sea of Japan in 1945. Her ship's mascot, a beer drinking terrier named Luau, even gave birth to puppies while on patrol.

Al's passion continued until his death on October 30, 2009 with his involvement in submarine veteran associations and building model submarines for exhibition around the country. They don't make men like Al La Rocca anymore.

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