Father of the Year Honor

Since 1983, the Mitterandos have voted to bestow the honor of Father of the Year on deserving dads. Votes are cast by email and/or regular mail several weeks before the annual picnic. Each member of the family, ages 5 and over, are encouraged to cast their own vote. Results are tallied by a select committee and kept secret until they are announced at the reunion. The winner is given a gift and the engraved Father of the Year trophy to keep until the following year when it gets presented to the next winner. View our Father of the Year photo gallery and winners list.

From time to time, it has been asked if we could vote for someone posthumously. While we would like to honor requests to recommend a person for Father of the Year who has passed away - we feel that it's best to honor current family members for this time-honored tradition. Since these fathers are "gone but not forgotten." we would, however, love to know more about your beloved dad. Please share a brief bio about him for all to see.


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