John Vingara hits the road and makes news - in search of Super Bowl 2008 tickets

John Vingara and Fox News Correspondent

John Vingara hits the road with his buddies (and the media) for a trip of a lifetime

John is making the ultimate trip for a Giants fan - traveling 2,456 miles across the country in a luxurious rented RV to Phoenix and Super Bowl 2008. Imagine how excited John and his buddies, the men known as the Big Bue BBQ, would be if they actually had tickets to the game. But nothing is going to stop John and his friends Greg, Dave and Fred. This isn't about sitting in the stands and watching grown men play a game - this is about living the Super Bowl experience with true-blue Giants fans.

Their journey began the morning of Wednesday January 30 from Giants Stadium in New Jersey. The media was there to give the Big Blue BBQ boys a send off and members of the media traveling along with them to cover their story.

2,456 miles from the Meadowlands to Glendale, Arizona in search of Super Bowl tickets. With appearances on Good Day NY and feature articles/videos in the New York Times, New York Daily News and NY Post. will he ever get a ticket?? Check back here to get the latest news and find out.

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